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At Tea4Tails we make unique herbal infusions for your dog and cat.  Each blend is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants .  One can add it to your animals food or let them drink it out of their own unique tea cup.  We also make specific blends for your individual animal on request.

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Seamless Integration into Their Routine
Introducing the goodness of Tea4Tails to your pet’s life is simple. You can effortlessly mix our herbal infusion into their regular food, providing them with an extra boost of nutrients and flavors. Alternatively, watch as they lap up the goodness from their very own specialized tea cup. Just like your tea time, this ritual offers them a moment of relaxation and indulgence.
Tailoring Tea to Your Pet's Preferences
Every pet is unique, and we understand that. That’s why we offer personalized blends tailored to your individual animal’s needs. Whether your dog needs an extra dash of joint support or your cat requires a blend that promotes a glossy coat, we’re here to curate a blend that addresses their specific requirements. Simply let us know, and we’ll create a tea blend that’s as special as your pet.
Empowering the Bond Between You and Your Pet
Tea4Tails isn’t just about herbal infusions; it’s about nurturing the bond between you and your pet. The act of sharing a cup of tea, even if one party has a cup specially designed for pets, creates a heartwarming connection that transcends words. It’s a gesture of love that speaks volumes, strengthening the companionship you share.

Tailored Herbal Infusions for Cats and Dogs

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